Canadian Culture

Official symbols of Canada: the maple leaf, the beaver, the Canadian horse, and the Canada goose. National Sports: Ice Hockey is the national winter sport and Lacrosse the national summer sport.

Official colors: red and white.

Canadians are predominantly tolerant, polite, and conservative. They’re very community-oriented and though most social gatherings take place in private spaces such as homes and restaurants, they instill the sense of giving back to the community.

Common traditions

  • Handshaking is the most common form of greeting – with a strong grip and eye contact.
    •  Leave footwear inside the entrance when you enter someone’s home.
    • If invited to someone’s home for dinner, take a box of good chocolates, flowers or a bottle of wine. Gifts are usually opened when received.
  • Give someone his/her personal space in a conversation, avoiding touching as much as possible.
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